Ontario PC Party Scooping Up Union Endorsementsntario PC Party Scooping Up Union Endorsements

According to netnewsledger.com: The IBEW Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW CCO) announced today its full endorsement of Doug Ford and the Ontario PC party for the June 2nd provincial election.

IBEW is the third labour union to step out and endorse the Progressive Conservatives. Normally it is the Ontario New Democrats which gain the support of labour unions.

t can be noted that the endorsement of a union doesn’t mean all the workers will vote based on that endorsement, but it is a sign of changing ideals in Ontario’s labour movement.

“Premier Ford has proven over the last four years that he not only supports and understands the needs of the electrical trades but has backed it up with positive and meaningful action that is unprecedented in our union’s history,” states James Barry, Executive Secretary Treasurer of the IBEW CCO which serves more than 18,000 women and men working in varied sectors of the electrical industry.

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