Canada so far resettles 12,605 of promised 40,000 Afghan refugees

According to Canada vowed to resettle 40,000 refugees from Afghanistan. According to the latest government figures, after nine months only 12,605 have arrived.

For one man, who told CTV National News he wishes to remain anonymous, life has been terrifying since the Aug. 2021 Taliban takeover. He said he worked as a lawyer on behalf of the Canadian embassy and now lives in fear of retribution.

“We are living like refugees in our homeland,” he said. “We are living in hiding and mostly changing our location so the Taliban soldiers don’t know about us, about our whereabouts.”

Ottawa has promised to bring in those who assisted the Canadian government and has received nearly 15,000 applications through this program, but only 6,230 have arrived. Another 6,375 people have come in through a humanitarian program.

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