Feds promise free, automatic tax returns — a change that could send benefits to thousands

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Mexico’s Crude Oil Future Is In Jeopardy

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Why Mexico City is struggling to enforce hand washing

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Expand into eggplants: A unique greenhouse opportunity

According to www.greenhousecanada.com by Michael Young: he Greenbelt Foundation has released its Plant the Seeds: Opportunities to Grow Southern Ontario’s Fruit and Vegetable Sector report that outlines how Greenbelt-area growers could increase production, providing over 18 percent of all eggplants sold in Ontario […] Read more

Global Hydroponic Nutrients Market 2020-2026 General Hydroponics, Emerald Harvest …

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Revol Greens raises $68M to build an 80-acre lettuce greenhouse

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23% of Vegetable Growers Interested in Producing Hemp

According to www.growingproduce.com; Following decades of prohibition and life in relative obscurity as a research-only crop in the U.S., the 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp.   The industry literally went from zero to sixty overnight, transitioning from a handful of R&D acres across parts of Oregon, Colorado, Kentucky, and North Carolina, to upwards of 500,000 acres planted nationwide in 2019.   Then, the bottom literally fell right out from under hemp farmers. CBD futures prices, […] Read more

Hydrogen-powered passenger plane completes maiden flight in ‘world first’…

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‘Here’s your check’: Trump’s massive payouts to farmers will …

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