Picture changing for greenhouse lettuce in North America

According to freshplaza.com: Greenhouse greens are seeing even demand right now. “At the moment, there appears to be a pretty good match between supply and demand for our retail market,” says Trish Fournier of Lake Erie Farms Inc. in LaSalette, Ont. “There are a few products that we have an oversupply of for the food service market.”

This is a slightly different picture than what Lake Erie saw last January. “Last year there was a high demand January through to March due to issues with California field product,” says Fournier. “However, the remainder of the year there was excess greenhouse product.”

Changing scene
But adding to the greenhouse greens picture are new players in the industry. “There are new entrants and expansion of greenhouse acreage lettuce both in Southern Ontario and south of the border,” says Fournier. “It’s my understanding that some have also stopped growing lettuce due to lack of market or issues with quality.” Fournier adds that greenhouse lettuce though largely competes with cheaper field lettuces, hailing largely from California. “Demand for greenhouse lettuce comes from retail, particularly those wanting higher quality, fresher, local product and foodservice which focuses on local food and premium quality,” she says.

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