Federal marijuana tax plan ‘completely unacceptable,’ says Alberta’s finance minister

According to  CBC News By Dave Dormer: As far as Alberta’s finance minister is concerned, the federal government can stick its proposed marijuana tax revenue sharing plan in a pipe and smoke it.

The provinces should get all — or a majority — of the tax revenue from sales when marijuana is legalized next year, Finance Minister Joe Ceci told reporters Friday.

“I’m not sure what the federal government is smoking but I can tell you … this is not going to work for Alberta,” he said.

“The federal government must be smoking something to think it will work for the provinces. It’s unacceptable.”

CBC News Calgary
‘The federal government must be smoking something,’ says Joe Ceci

‘The federal government must be smoking something,’ says Joe Ceci0:23

A proposed federal revenue framework announced Friday calls for marijuana to be taxed at $1 a gram or 10 per cent of the final retail price, whichever is higher, with revenues split evenly between the federal government the provinces and territories.

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