Double Diamond Farms Expands Organic Acreage, Launches Organic Cucumber Facility, and Increases Production and Distribution

According by Robert Schaulis: KINGSVILLE, ON – Greenhouse grower Double Diamond Farms is expanding significantly with the addition of a new organic cucumber facility in Canada, bringing more sustainably-sourced cukes to the North American market—with additional certified organic items set to follow soon. The new Kingsville, Ontario, facility will expand Double Diamond’s acreage and significantly increase the company’s organic production.

“The demand for organic produce has increased exponentially and we are proud to be able to respond to our customers and provide a forward-thinking and local solution,” said Chris Mastronardi, President/CEO, in a company press release. “Consumers are looking for fresh organic options and convenience. We are confident that our new range will meet these needs and set the stage for future organic growth.”

According to the company’s press release, Double Diamond Farms’ state-of-the-art greenhouses use advanced and innovative sustainable methods including capturing and utilizing carbon dioxide to promote growth, introducing bumblebees for natural pollination, and employing energy curtains as insulation. And all Double Diamond products are 100% recyclable or biodegradable, certified as Non-GMO, and accredited in food safety.

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