Trump says he is open to increasing US gasoline tax to pay for infrastructure: Report

According to by : President Donald Trump said Monday he would consider raising the federal tax on gasoline to help pay for infrastructure spending that is the core of his economic plans.

“It’s something that I would certainly consider,” Trump told Bloomberg News. A higher gas tax has the support of truckers “if we earmarked money toward the highways,” he claimed.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer later clarified that the president has not yet endorsed raising the gasoline tax. Instead, Trump would consider doing so out of respect for an unnamed group that had brought the idea to him, Spicer said.

A customer prepares to fuel her vehicle at a Road Ranger gas station in Princeton, Ill.

 “What the president said during that interview is that folks from the industry had come to him and expressed to him how the deteriorating roads were affecting their ability to deliver goods and services throughout this country, and that they had expressed a willingness to see something like that as a way to help pay for and repair the roads and bridges,” Spicer said in a briefing with reporters.


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