Mucci Farms to expand strawberry operations

According to by CHRIS THOMPSON: Kingsville’s Mucci Farms strengthened its grip on greenhouse strawberry production in North America with the announcement Tuesday it’s doubling — and eventually quadrupling — its strawberry greenhouse space.

“It’s controlled environment strawberries, greenhouse strawberries is a new space for North America altogether,” said Joe Spano, Mucci’s vice-president of sales and marketing.

“We’ve been experimenting with it for the last two years but I think finally we’ve got all of our ducks in line and are making some serious headway. We’re getting some serious traction with this new item.”

The first crop of greenhouse-grown strawberries appeared on store shelves last October at a number of U.S. retailers known as Smuccies and on the shelves of Loblaws Canadian stores as a President’s Choice product.

“The feedback has been incredible,” said Mucci.

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