Hydroponic Farming Faces Ban on Organic Certification

According to organicauthority.com by EMILY MONACO: The validity of the organic status of hydroponic farming will be addressed at the National Organic Standards Board meeting in Denver this week. The hydroponic farming issue represents the most “apt” divide in the organic industry today, according to The Cornucopia Institute.

“Few beyond the hydroponic producers, their lobbyists, and certifiers, believe these products should actually be certified organic,” Dave Chapman, a pioneering soil-based greenhouse grower in Vermont, said in a press release. “There is no consumer outcry for hydroponics.”

An analysis conducted by the Cornucopia Institute of more than 2,000 public comments submitted to the NOSB regarding hydroponic farming substantiates these claims: almost all of the comments in favor of organic hydroponics came from people with a direct financial stake in the sector.

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