Sunset wins most awards at greenhouse competition

According to by Over the past weekend a revered panel of judges collectively gathered to taste the very best from our region. A region known as Canada’s southernmost town, the tip of Ontario, Leamington or “Produce County” as the locals say. The 9th Annual Greenhouse Competition as hosted by R.E.A.CH. International housed a blind taste test for Vegetables Big 3; Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Peppers. With subcategories ranging in colour, sweetness, heat and size, the total amassed to over 200+ entries of the finest that Leamington could produce.

The gates opened Friday and in came the foodies, expert’s, connoisseur’s, and stewards of fine produce along with the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). All of whom were ready, set, and hungry to vote. From there it was turned over to the community at large to vote aptly and accordingly for their favourites and culminate those votes for the Golden Goose of awards. The People’s Choice. The most coveted of all.

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