Hydro Peak rates have increased by about 80 per cent since 2010

According to windsorstar.com by Lloyd Brown-John: In a recent conversation with a Leamington greenhouse grower, he exploded rage about Ontario Hydro.

“I don’t care if they pay millions to baseball or hockey players. Because I have a choice: I don’t go to baseball or hockey games. But with Ontario Hydro I have no choice. To survive in business I need hydro.”

He added that hydro high rates increasingly are leading some growers to establish operations in American jurisdictions where hydro rates are lower.

And, lest you not entirely share understanding with the plight of local entrepreneurs and job creators in our massive greenhouse industry, consider that some of their monthly hydro bills can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

By contrast, also consider the dilemma of lower income Ontario residents and specifically fixed income seniors. If a senior subsists on OAS and, perhaps the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), every hydro rate increase diminishes the ability of fixed income people to sustain. Indeed, poverty rates among Ontario Seniors is increasing.

Statistics Canada’s most recent Income Survey as modified (2014) suggests that 25 per cent of single Canadian seniors (including Ontario residents) live with lower incomes derived largely from OAS, GIS and CPP. The assessment measure is known as LIM-AT or “Low Income Measure-After Tax.”

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