Hydroponically homegrown — Salad Days touts freshness, cleanliness, healthiness

According to msbusiness.com by: Becky Gillette: Leigh Bailey and her husband, Jamie Redmond, decided two years ago that they were ready for a change from working in real estate. So they looked around for a second career.
“We have always enjoyed gardening,” Bailey said. “We saw a need for locally grown produce in the Jackson area and after a lot of study and market research, we took the plunge.”
Since their first seeds were sown April 1, 2014, Salad Days Produce (saladdaysproduce.com) has been making a lot of “green.” People who buy their products are not just getting the healthiest type of foods, but also those that are raised locally. That makes them fresher and reduces the amount of energy needed to transport the produce.
People are getting fresher food than if it was shipped in from Mexico or California.
“So much fresher!” Bailey said. “We like to say our produce does not earn frequent flier miles. Our lettuce is often on a salad plate in a local restaurant within 24 hours of being harvested.”

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