Nemo’s Garden: underwater greenhouse off the coast of Italy. Why? Why not!

Image Credit grist_org By Amelia Urry

According to to By Amelia Urry: What thrives at 79 degrees and 20 feet below sea level, and tastes like a strawberry?

Actually, it is a strawberry — a salty sea strawberry. OK, fine, it’s just a regular strawberry possessing no marine qualities that we know of, aside from being grown in a submersible greenhouse off the coast of Italy. This berry-infested Atlantis can be found alongside four other biospheres containing basil, lettuce, and beans. And while 20 feet isn’t quite 20,000 leagues, the improbable place is called Nemo’s Garden.

More from the Washington Post:

The balloon-like biospheres take advantage of the sea’s natural properties to grow plants. The underwater temperatures are constant, and the shape of the greenhouses allows for water to constantly evaporate and replenish the plants. What’s more, the high amounts of carbon dioxide act like steroids for the plants, making them grow at very rapid rates. …

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