Grass Lamp Provides Light for Home and Hydroponic Vegetation

Image Credit Grass-Lamp-Marko-Vuckovic 01; By Lynne: Whether you live and work in a large space or tiny home, green garden interior design serves form and function, not to mention brightening a space to improve livability and productivity. Industrial designer, Marko Vučković, loves to bring a unique approach to create elegant and comfortable environments, and his brainchild, the Grass Lamp is a beautiful example of his inspirational solutions.

Image Credit Grass-Lamp-Marko-Vuckovic 02

Winner of the 2009 Designanddesign award, the Gras Lamp supports hydroponic growth of plants – using no soil to allow terrestrial plants to live in a mineral nutrient water solution or a growing medium such as gravel, perlite, coconut husks, or mineral wool.

The Grass Lamp is constructed of light PVC plastic that incorporates a hydroponic light for growing any number of oxygen-enriching vegetation in the home.

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