Greenhouse Grows Year Round Strawberries

Ellen Magee of Magee Farms in Roxana shows off her strawberries that were greenhouse grown this past winter and are ready for picking. / CHUCK SNYDER/THE DAILY TIMES; Written by Alyson Cunningham; The benefit to growing the fruit in a greenhouse is the climate and water can be controlled better than outside.

“This winter was a perfect winter to try it,” she said. “It was just something to see what would happen and if we could do it.”

This year was a learning experience, to see if there’s an opportunity to do more things — such as marketing to local restaurants — and expand in the future, she said.

Paul Parsons of Parsons Farm Produce in Dagsboro said he grew tomatoes in a greenhouse for the first time.

The benefit to greenhouses is the produce comes earlier and it reduces the use of pesticides on the crop, he said, which is a money saver and creates a healthier product.

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