Mobile Farming Systems sowing seeds of new agriculture technology company;Written by Debra Gruszecki;Richard O’Connor comes across like a whiz-kid in a vegetable store, passionate about the hydroponic grow system business he is incubating.

Called Mobile Farming Systems, O’Connor as CEO and an investment team are sowing the seeds of a new agriculture technology company that focuses on two types of hydroponic grow systems for fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs:

• A grow system that can be built in mobile shipping containers, pods or bumper-pull-type box trailers.

The plug-and-play units, some capable of producing yields that equate to 1-acre of farmland, could be sold to government, business and private entities for shipment to disaster sites, impoverished and barren areas, military sites, schools or commercial growing centers.

Equipped with water and carbon-dioxide tanks, grow containers, air conditioning, fans to simulate wind and lights to mimic night, they are being designed to produce food year-round, regardless of climate.

A computer system regulates the water, air, temperature and pH levels, keep temperatures at prime growing conditions and sends out an alert if the levels go awry.

• The VegBuddy, a patio-sized system for home gardeners. It, along with nutrient-pack seedlings, could be sold through at retail outlets, and through infomercials.

“This company will be the ‘Geek Squad’ of hydroponics,” O’Connor said. “This is a company I will keep.”

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