In Mexico, Is Legalized Pot Just A Pipe Dream?

According to They were astonishing comments from a cabinet member made in the most deliberate of settings. At a conference in late January, Mexico’s top tourism official told reporters legalizing marijuana would help combat an epidemic of violence that has enveloped parts of the country. “It is absurd that we have not taken that step,” Tourism Secretary […] Read More

(Video) Canada’s Media Party trivializes “piddling” #HijabHoax protest

David Menzies of The Rebel.Media reports: Over the weekend we covered a rally at Queen’s Park organized by members of the Chinese community who were upset by the way elected officials quickly bought into the hijab hoax story, but today, I want to focus on the media coverage of the Toronto protest and show you […] Read More

‘The government needs a better plan for spending the funds brought in by its cap-and-trade system, which amounted to close to $2 billion last year.’

According to TORONTO — More work is needed if Ontario wants to meet its long-term goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the province’s environmental commissioner said Tuesday. In her annual report, the commissioner said the government needs a better plan for spending the funds brought in by its cap-and-trade system, which amounted to close […] Read More

Greenhouse tomatoes out of Mexico seeing solid production

According to The weather has been favorable for growers of greenhouse tomatoes. Production and quality have been good on all varieties as sunshine persists in the Mexican growing regions. Florida, too, is seeing improved weather conditions and as a result, volume and quality is increasing. Currently, all tomato varieties are in peak production and […] Read More

Cannabis capitalists exploit loopholes by ‘gifting’ drug…

According to; BOSTON (AP) — The single bottle of juice delivered to your door will set you back at least $55. But the bag of marijuana that comes with it? On the house. Retail marijuana stores are months away from opening in Massachusetts, but some companies have been quietly operating for more than a year, […] Read More

Canadian producers no longer must store cannabis in bank-like vaults

According to Health Canada has introduced new security measures that could save early stage cultivation applicants hundreds of thousands of dollars and improve operational efficiencies for current producers, according to analysts. Effective immediately, marijuana producers will no longer be required to store their inventory in bank-like vaults, which can cost up to 500,000 Canadian […] Read More

Mexico to beef up troops in crack down against violence after record 25000 murders last year

According to Daily Mail: Mexican officials said on Sunday the government was set to unleash a new wave of troops to crack down on criminal groups in regions where a surge in violence led to more than 25,000 murders last year. National Security Commissioner Renato Sales said federal police troops will work with local… Continue Reading […] Read More

Italian hometown of country’s most wanted mafia fugitive registers record €42m tax black hole

According to The small Sicilian town that is home to Europe’s most wanted mobster has a record €42 million in unpaid taxes after the mafia-infiltrated administration turned a blind eye to years of outstanding bills, Italian authorities have discovered. For five years, 65 per cent of Castelvetrano’s residents never paid … Continue Reading […] Read More

If Mexicans Can Grow Tomatoes Year Round, Shouldn’t We Buy Them?

According to RealClearMarkets; By Allan Golombek January 30, 2018: Florida tomato farmer Tony DiMare has a complaint about NAFTA. He says Mexican farmers are trading unfairly. How? By developing ways to produce tomatoes year-round and provide them in all seasons to consumers, at lower prices than many Florida farmers can afford to charge. But that isn’t trading unfairly; it’s […] Read More

AMS clarifies status of hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic organic operations

According to The Agriculture Department’s Agricultural Marketing Service posted a notice clarifying that certification of hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic operations is allowed under the USDA organic regulations and has been since the National Organic Program began. AMS noted that the National Organic Standards Board has recommended prohibiting aeroponic systems in organic production, but that aeroponics remain […] Read More