Beijing-Controlled News Outlet Paid US Newspapers Millions To Publish Propaganda…; An English-language newspaper controlled by the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda department paid U.S. media companies nearly $2 million for printing and advertising expenses over the past six months, even amid heightened scrutiny over Beijing’s disinformation efforts in the West […] Read more

Shanghai airport chaos after worker tests positive…; More than 17,700 people had been swabbed by Monday morning in the drive to test airport cargo staff, the official Xinhua news agency reported, and results had come back negative on over 11,500 so far […] Read more

The technologies helping move agriculture indoors

ISRAEL21c; “There is a growing trend for traditional greenhouse farming and indoor hydroponic and vertical farming for certain types of crops,” says Sarai Kemp […] Read more

Supermarkets ‘most common place to catch Covid’…; Supermarkets have remained open during both national lockdowns and new data collated by Public Health England (PHE) from the NHS Test and Trace App has revealed that shops are the most frequent Covid exposure setting […] Read more

Global debt pushed to record high…; LONDON — The coronavirus crisis pushed global debt levels to a new high of over $272 trillion in the third quarter, the Institute for International Finance said, as it warned of the “attack of the debt tsunami.” […] Read more

Landmark study shows face masks have NO significant effect…; Do face masks work? Earlier this year, the UK government decided that masks could play a significant role in stopping Covid-19 and made masks mandatory in a number of public places. But are these policies backed by the scientific evidence […] Read more

China accuses Italy of starting it!; CHINA has accused Italy of starting the killer coronavirus pandemic – and claims its own study PROVES it […] Read more

Why plants prefer coir, and growers as well; To understand why coconut fiber is a special growing medium from an agronomic point of view, it is important to analyze the differences between a soil crop and a coir crop and compare the main factors that generate stress at the root level […] Read more

Marshall offering new undergraduate major in specialty agriculture

Huntington Herald Dispatch; Hydroponic and greenhouse growers are supplying restaurants and grocery stores locally and in nearby cities. Grower co-ops and produce brokers … […] Read more

Research Aims to Shed Light on Biodegradable Plastic Containers

Greenhouse Grower; Growers can produce landscape plants sustainably with the help of biodegradable plant containers, but they may wonder whether these containers … […] Read more